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RCMP Vets Net Updates

New Members
Paul Myers, Maria Myers, Dean Hamm, Phil Graham,Lindsay Larsen, John Green, Mark Flynn, Roger L'Heureux, Debbie Nicol, Robert Gervais, Mary Kostashuk, Esther Farr, Chuck Waring, Will Ng, Bill Upton, Ron Arsenault, Paul Allemekinders, Suzanne Lambert, Fred Vanderploeg, Vernon Kawaleski, Mike LeBlanc, Kevin Strand, Lynn Findlay-Kingsley

New Content Additions:

Winnipeg RCMPVA September Newsletter
Richard Jalbert Autobiography
Resident Caretakers Required for Mainland Nova Scotia Property (see Bulletin Board under WANTED)
Vancouver RCMPVA Week 37 Communique Newsletter
Vancouver Scarlet & Gold for September 2014
Regina RCMPVA September Newsletter
New additions to Public Video Clips
Edmonton RCMPVA September Newsletter
Okanagan RCMPVA August Newsletter
Guide for Survivors & Executors (English & Français) in Bulletin Board under RCMPVA
New Location for Coffee Club in Perth, ON. See Bulletin Board for details.
Frank Richter's Facts & Funnies for August 13, 2014
New Book addition in "Books by Mounties" Section called: Wearing Red, Tracking Reds: What A Ride! by Len Giles
200 Old RCMP Quarterlies Free - Bulletin Board under FOR Sale
Troop 13, 1981/82 Reunion Information - See Bulletin Board under Troop Connections
Reminder that Obituary updates continuing weekly (historical)..

Harold Berry, Don Chapple, Jim Lynch, Jack Gibbon, Sandy Pettigrew, David Luneng, Dietmar Stiller, Sandy, Sanderson, Blair Imrie, Bill Slade, Lon Godfrey, Sam McCready, Brian McCarthy, Laurent Régimbal, Des Gilligan, Leonard Nay, Leroy Sauder, Cranston de St Remy, Jim Ballantyne, Norm Mitchell, Al Stern

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Last Updated Pacific Time Zone UTC (-08:00) Monday, September 15, 2014 16:38:49

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Current RCMP news from around the world.....


Cops (USA) are seizing hundreds of millions of dollars from drivers and bragging about it in chat rooms


Cochrane tow truck driver a 'superhero' in high-speed theft, say RCMP

Brody Leimer jumped from the hitched vehicle onto his stolen tow truck

St. George decides to keep RCMP service

The southwestern New Brunswick town of St. George has decided to stick with the RCMP instead of creating a new local police force . . .

Saint John Police Officers Honoured By The RCMP

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A packed house at Peel Plaza for the monthly meeting of the Police Commission as more than 20 members of the Saint John Police Department were honoured by RCMP . . .

Recent Feature Stories

Soaring policing costs are turning into . . .
. . . amends its definition to include RCMP regular members and . . .
. . . the Mounties left behind federal buildings and land that are earmarked for disposal.
RCMP say they used an Unmanned Aerial System to . . .
. . . Financially strapped towns in rural Nova Scotia say their ability to manage is being hamstrung by a "huge" penalty . . .
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Constable Michael Buday Memorial Provincial Park

This is a movement to lobby the British Columbia Provincial Government to dedicate a small and remote point of land on Teslin Lake in northern BC as a Class A Park.

RCMP Veterans' and Business

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