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New Content Additions:

G4S seeking RCMP Vet with small/medium size detachment experience for office in North York, ON check G4S website for details
Opening for National Executive Assistant Position RCMPVA
"The Spirit" Ottawa Summer Edition Newsletter
Vancouver RCMPVA Week 39 Communique Newsletter
Frank Richter's Facts & Funnies for September 24, 2014
Okanagan RCMPVA September Newsletter
DEDUCTION Notice for "The Quarterly" See Bulletin Board Under Pension
2014 Annual RCMP Memorial Parade images - Login Welcome Page
Troop 5, 1973/74 Reunion Notice on Bulletin Board in Troop Connections
Winnipeg RCMPVA September Newsletter
Richard Jalbert Autobiography
Resident Caretakers Required for Mainland Nova Scotia Property (see Bulletin Board under WANTED)
Vancouver Scarlet & Gold for September 2014
Regina RCMPVA September Newsletter
New additions to Public Video Clips
Edmonton RCMPVA September Newsletter
Guide for Survivors & Executors (English & Français) in Bulletin Board under RCMPVA
New Location for Coffee Club in Perth, ON. See Bulletin Board for details.
New Book addition in "Books by Mounties" Section called: Wearing Red, Tracking Reds: What A Ride! by Len Giles
200 Old RCMP Quarterlies Free - Bulletin Board under FOR Sale
Troop 13, 1981/82 Reunion Information - See Bulletin Board under Troop Connections
Reminder that Obituary updates continuing weekly (historical)..

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Breaking Stories

Leading Feature Stories

RCMP swapping muskrat fur hats for animal-friendly alternative

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After decades of pressure from animal-rights activists, the RCMP have agreed to replace their cold-weather muskrat fur hats with something more fur-friendly.
An RCMP spokesperson confirmed this week that the national police force will begin a “significant move” away from using muskrat fur for their traditional winter hats. Starting this winter, Mounties will instead wear a tuque made of merino wool.

Policing costs continue to climb despite falling crime: study

Increases in police numbers outpacing relative population growth, Fraser Institute reports

Technology to monitor criminals needs updating: former RCMP officer

BC’s electronic monitoring system was developed in the late 80′s and early 90′s

A History of Police Uniforms—and Why They Matter

Uniforms have influenced interactions between cops and citizens since the start of American policing.

Anti-radicalization program being developed by RCMP

The RCMP is developing a program to stop Canadians from becoming radicalized by violent ideologies, a new report reveals.

RCMP raid MP Manon Perreault’s office in expenses probe

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The RCMP are investigating the expenses of the NDP’s former critic for disability issues, who is now sitting as an Independent after being charged with mischief in a separate police matter.

The grisly history of forensics – by crime writer Val McDermid

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Blood-sucking flies, exhumed stomachs and DNA profiling – the tools of forensic science have, over the centuries, solved many a gruesome murder

Privacy watchdog investigating RCMP data collection

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OTTAWA–Canada’s privacy watchdog is investigating the RCMP’s warrantless collection of Canadians’ personal data.
The Office of the Privacy Commissioner confirmed last week it is formally reviewing the police force’s collection of Canadians’ personal data from telecommunications companies. The findings are expected to be made public in the near future.

Judge rules no mistrial in Saskatoon case involving Mr. Big RCMP sting

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A judge has ruled he will not declare a mistrial in a high-profile Saskatoon murder case, CKOM reports.
Justice Gerald Allbright was ready to deliver a verdict in the first-degree murder trial of Douglas Hales, who is accused of strangling and beating Daleen Bosse, a woman he had met at a bar where he worked as a bouncer, in 2004.

Toronto’s next police chief could be from outside Canada

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The hunt for Toronto’s next police chief promises to be most extensive the city has ever conducted and holds the possibility of placing an outsider at the helm – a common practice elsewhere that would be unprecedented in modern Toronto history.

Using Technology To Counter Police Mistrust Is Complicated

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Outfitting police officers with body cameras seems to be the most concrete solution to come out of the police misconduct accusations in Ferguson, Mo. And the push for cameras extends far beyond the suburban Missouri police department —

Hamilton family sought CSIS, RCMP help to block son’s entry to Syria

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A desperate Hamilton family called in CSIS and the RCMP two months ago in a frantic bid to prevent their eldest son from crossing into Syria and taking up arms in that country's civil war.

Peter MacKay disagrees with RCMP commissioner Paulson on marijuana

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OTTAWA – Justice Minister Peter MacKay says he disagrees with the country’s top cop on his assessment that marijuana isn’t “as big a deal as it used to be.”
‘He’s a police officer. He has views but I personally disagree,” MacKay said Wednesday.

Conservatives overturn RCMP decision to abandon muskrat fur hats

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A move by the Mounties to doff their fur hats in favour of more animal-friendly tuques has been overturned by the federal Conservatives.

Richmond won’t rule out a local police force

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Brodie cannot complain about the RCMP in his city. According to Brodie, citizens are happy with the service Mounties provide.
But that doesn’t mean Richmond is wedded to the idea of having the RCMP around through the 20-year policing contract that the municipality signed with the federal government in 2012.

Recent Feature Stories

A vocational school named for Sgt. Mark Gallagher will open in Haiti Oct. 13
Cpl. Laurel Kading . . . was not overlooked . . .
Staff Sgt. Andy LeClair with the Order of Merit . . .
The Superior Court of Justice has granted leave to appeal. . .
. . . rein in police budgets, which have doubled over the last 15 years, . . .
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Constable Michael Buday Memorial Provincial Park
This is a movement to lobby the British Columbia Provincial Government to dedicate a small and remote point of land on Teslin Lake in northern BC as a Class A Park.

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